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Intensive Behavioral Health

Intensive Behavioral Health Services

Intensive Behavioral Health Services are medically prescribed intensive, in-home, and personalized behavioral health services. Such services are focused, time-limited, and goal-oriented for children and adolescents having serious mental health disturbances. Individuals having depression, mood & anxiety disorders, autism & personality disorders, behavioral/conduct disorders, and psychosis are eligible for IBHS.

At Regional Behavioral Consulting, we provide a short-term intensive behavioral health program that is specifically designed to meet the social, mental, and behavioral health needs of children up to the age of 21. This program is perfect for children whose mental and behavioral health are causing problems at home, school, or in the community. For this treatment, we work both one-on-one with the patient and their families, to assist them in developing positive behaviors more effectively. Contact us now to get the best children therapy and counseling service in Meadville.